Family Visa to Cyprus: How to get one

Family Visa to Cyprus: How to get one

If you are planning to buy villas in Cyprus and move there with your relatives, you must obtain a residence permit (RP) for all members of your family. Otherwise, you will not be able to live on the island. This type of visa for Cyprus is a special program for those who wish to reunite with relatives who have already moved to the Mediterranean state. Its application offers several significant advantages. In this article, you will learn how to obtain a family visa for Cyprus and what benefits it offers.


About family residence permit

Obtaining a Cypriot residency license for household members is regulated by local legislation and is one of the immigration methods available to foreigners. However, certain selection criteria must be met, meaning that not all foreign citizens with relatives on the island can receive assistance in obtaining household permission.

This method of resettlement is only available to people arriving from non-EU countries or other countries with which Cyprus does not have specific immigration agreements.

Family Visa to Cyprus: How to get one

Difference between a family and a tourist visa

Cyprus' immigration laws define household reunification programs as legal procedures that allow foreigners to come and stay on the island with a family member already living in the country.

The purpose of the program is to maintain the unity of a household that has been separated for various reasons. For example, if one of the closest relatives has moved to the country in search of work or has become a resident by buying apartments in Cyprus.

Note that the scheme is only available to close household members, i.e. those who are part of the "family unit": spouse and children. In addition, parents can be included in the application, but this option is limited to investors in Cypriot real estate.

Who needs a family visa?

The program is specifically designed for families where one of the members already resides on the island. There are specific requirements that the person moving to Cyprus who will be sponsoring their relatives must meet:

  1. The person has been living in the country for at least two years on legal grounds and has obtained a residency license valid for at least one year. This condition does not apply to residence permit programs for investors in property in Cyprus; in such cases, a Cyprus visa application may be submitted simultaneously with the investor's application.
  2. The resident in the country guarantees financial stability and confirms the availability of funds to support their relatives.
  3. The family has suitable accommodation to live together.
  4. The inviting person has no criminal record, has not been deported, has no entry restrictions and has no outstanding obligations, including taxes.

Сyprus family visa requirements

The following documents are required to obtain family permission:

  1. passports and/or birth certificates
  2. documents proving household relationship: marriage certificate, birth certificate
  3. valid residence permit of the sponsor already residing in the country
  4. Certificate of no criminal record and a certificate from the Cypriot Police stating the absence of criminal cases
  5. medical data confirming the absence of infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, tuberculosis)
  6. confirmation of residence (property ownership certificate or lease agreement for one year or more), utility bills
  7. health insurance for all persons entering the country as well as a certificate from the Cypriot Social Insurance Fund
  8. bank statements of the sponsor-relocate, employment certificate stating the amount of salary and tax office certificates confirming the payment of all mandatory fees

What else do you need to know?

After applying to relatives, an entry permit will be issued based on the application of the sponsor (a person already residing in the country). When your relatives arrive, you must register them with the local authorities. It is mandatory to register with the Department of Civil Registry and Migration. The department will then issue a residence permit.

This document is valid for one year. Thereafter, the permission can be renewed for a period not exceeding the validity of the residence permit of the sponsoring household member.

If you are the spouse of a Cypriot citizen you can also apply for a residence permit which gives you the right to reside in the country and at the same time allows you to obtain Cypriot citizenship. This is the simplest scenario. A person married to a Cypriot can become a citizen after two years of residence and three years of marriage.

Important questions about the family visa

- How many years are household members granted a residence permit for?

A residence permit is issued for the same number of years as the residence permit of the applicant, with the possibility of extension.

- How long does it take to process an application?

If you meet all the requirements and the package of documents and certificates is correctly compiled, the residence permit will be processed no later than 90 days from the date of submission. Typically, investors handle the paperwork through specialised agencies or seek legal assistance, as self-applying for family permission in Cyprus may mean overlooking minor details and result in rejection.

- Can relatives work and study in the country?

No, the document only allows residence on the island. However, education for children is possible.

- Can parents be brought in?

Not only can you bring your spouse and children, but you can also bring your parents if you are a real estate investor participating in the residence permit program.

- Can one become a Cypriot citizen through marriage?

You can obtain citizenship if your spouse is already a citizen of the country. They don't need to reside on the island. The main rule is that your marriage should be at least three years old.

Family Visa to Cyprus: How to get one

Legal assistance in obtaining a residence permit

If you are interested in the benefits of a family visa in Cyprus, please contact us for more detailed information. Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions. You can find out the cost of a household visa in Cyprus and receive legal support and assistance with document processing. Our family visa services offer a guarantee of reliability, ensuring that the process will not be cumbersome for you and will quickly lead to the desired goal.

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