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Property in Limassol

Real estate in Limassol is a popular asset among foreign nationals, which can be used as a permanent home or holiday residence. Property in Cyprus, with Limassol being one of the top destinations, is in high demand as an option for generating passive income. Whether you are looking to take advantage of all the entertainment offerings of the resort or simply enjoy the tranquil setting, there is a property that will suit you perfectly.

Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus, is located on the southern coast of this Mediterranean island, within sight of the Troodos Mountains. This place is much more than just a resort. Thanks to the port located here, the city is also a thriving trading hub receiving goods from other countries. It is home to a vibrant commercial area, which rivals the business districts of Nicosia.

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Although Limassol is primarily a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches, mild climate, and vibrant nightlife, the city has attracted many investors in recent years, providing favourable opportunities for acquiring luxury properties.

That said, real estate in Limassol still offers good value for money, especially when it comes to apartments. They are great for both investors and buyers looking to settle in Cyprus. The local rental market is also on the rise, thanks to which owners who rent out their investment property in Limassol receive a stable income.

Many investors buy property in Limassol with the future in mind and then rent it out until they are ready to retire and enjoy all the delights of this coastal city.

Another attractive factor for a potential owner of local property is the city’s location and its links to the rest of the island. Thanks to a modern motorway network, Limassol is connected to all major resorts, and the capital of Cyprus can be reached in less than an hour.

Properties prices in Limassol

Apartments in Cyprus, in the city of Limassol, cost an average of €501,333, while a house can be purchased for €713,333. Below you can find out the average property prices in Limassol, depending on the type of unit and the number of bedrooms.


Number of BedroomsPrice
Studio €251,667
Two bedrooms €398,333
Three bedrooms €691,667
Four bedrooms €1.39 million
Five bedrooms €3.6 million


Number of BedroomsPrice
Four bedrooms €819,000
Five bedrooms €1.59 million
Six bedrooms €1.84 million
Seven bedrooms €2.56 million
Eight bedrooms €2.89 million

Apartments in residential developments cost an average of €4,913 per 1 m². Over the past 12 months, the rise in prices for this category of housing has reached 8%. Houses cost €3,268 per 1 m² of living space. Over the past 12 months, the price has increased by 11%.

It is important to bear in mind that the property cost in Limassol depends on the type of unit and features such as its layout, number of bedrooms, location, and size. You can find the current prices in euros and dollars on our website.

Investment property

Over the years, Limassol has been continuously developing thanks to new and unique projects, which create a convenient infrastructure improving the quality and standard of living of the citizens. This inspires wealthy migrants to choose Limassol as their new home and encourages investors to invest in local properties. This city can definitely be described as an investment magnet in Cyprus, especially as far as the real estate industry is concerned. Limassol has a well-developed service sector and a plethora of job opportunities.

The city has the fastest growing real estate sector in the island. The variety of residential and commercial buildings here has formed a market that can easily be compared to major world capitals.

Thanks to the above factors, investing in properties in Limassol, Cyprus is a win-win option with a guaranteed payback. The average rental yield reaches 10% in the city centre and 10.75% outside it.

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Buying property in Limassol

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