• What is the difference between a condo and an apartment in Cyprus?

    What is a condominium? Condominiums definition, commonly found in European and Asian countries, is one of the living options in an apartment building. Choosing between an apartment or condo can be confusing if you don't understand the differences between an apartment and a condo. However, armed with the right information, finding the ideal property...

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  • Is it worth buying a condo in Cyprus to rent it out?

    Should I buy a condo to rent out? It can be a profitable decision, capable of providing passive income. But is it worth buying commercial property to rent out? And what is the better choice - residential or office space? Whether you are buying your first home or are an experienced property investor, there are certain additional considerations to...

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  • Rules for importing animals into Cyprus in 2024

    Thanks to its pleasant climate and employment opportunities, many people from different countries consider Cyprus an attractive relocation destination. However, relocation can be a challenging task, especially if you are moving to Cyprus with pets. If you are considering purchasing villas in Cyprus, our website can help you find a suitable...

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  • Education in Cyprus: Pre-school, secondary, higher education

    Higher education in Cyprus is a decent option for studying English at the native level and acquire a diploma recognized in European Union countries. The education system in Cyprus includes primary, secondary and higher education. Education is convenient not only for locals but also for foreigners: expatriates can choose from a variety of...

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  • How to buy a car for a foreigner in Cyprus?

    How to buy a car in Cyprus? The decision is not a whim, but a necessity dictated by circumstances. In the absence of an active railway system and limited long-distance bus services, the best way to get around the island is by wheels. It's also a great way to fully appreciate the country's beautiful nature and scenery. In addition to buying, you can...

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  • 10 reasons to invest in real estate in Cyprus

    Why invest in Cyprus? If you are considering which country's real estate is profitable to invest in, you should consider the island. In this article, we will talk about the opportunities that await you on this beautiful Mediterranean island. Thanks to its unique combination of rich history, stunning scenery and favourable market conditions, real...

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  • Family Visa to Cyprus: How to get one

    If you are planning to buy villas in Cyprus and move there with your relatives, you must obtain a residence permit (RP) for all members of your family. Otherwise, you will not be able to live on the island. This type of visa for Cyprus is a special program for those who wish to reunite with relatives who have already moved to the Mediterranean...

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  • Moving to Cyprus in 2024: Some invaluable tips

    Moving to Cyprus: Where to start and what to expect? How to move to Cyprus? We've gathered the most valuable advice to anyone interested in moving there in 2024. Read on and get ready to pack your bags! Content: Why choose the island? Tip #1: Find out how much does it cost to move to Cyprus and evaluate your options Gary Davis,...

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  • How to make money on real estate investments in Cyprus?

    Investing in real estate in Cyprus is a real opportunity to save money from inflation. The island is divided into southern and northern parts, and foreigners can buy housing in both parts. The country attracts expats from all over the world with its comfortable climate, high quality of life, and convenient taxation system, which makes the island a...

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  • How to stay in Cyprus for more than 90 days?

    The island in the Mediterranean Sea attracts many foreign citizens, so the question of how long you can stay in Cyprus remains popular. The territory of the island is divided into northern and southern parts, and the visa regime for each of them has its own characteristics. Let's have a look at how to fly to Cyprus for more than a month, whether it...

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