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Apartments for sale in Cyprus

For foreign nationals, owning an apartment in Cyprus is more than just a good investment. Purchasing property in Cyprus gives you access to a certain lifestyle, where beach activities and a resort atmosphere go hand in hand with European comfort.

Buying apartments in Cyprus for investment and living is a profitable way to save and increase your funds. This country is one of the leaders in the sale of real estate to foreign nationals. In January 2023 alone, 1,091 housing units were sold in the island. Of these, 594 properties were purchased by EU and third country nationals. This is largely due to the significant strengthening of the local economy and technological growth, which over the past decade have made Cyprus an attractive investment hub.

Find your dream flat on Cyprus-Real.Estate! Verified studios, apartments, and penthouses from the largest developers in the region, licensed agencies, and verified owners await you. You can check the cost of apartments in Cyprus in a particular city or neighbourhood directly with the manager.

Apartments prices in Cyprus

You can buy an apartment in Cyprus at an average of €1,680 per 1 m², which is about half as much as in other countries of the European Union. The most expensive housing in the island is offered in Limassol: real estate prices here are 1.5 to 2 times higher than in other cities. An amount that can buy you an apartment varies depending on the location of the property. Below is the approximate cost of apartments in Cyprus in popular cities:

CityApartments in the downtown, € / 1 m²Apartments in other districts, € / 1 m²
Limassol €3,300 €2,330
Nicosia €2,466 €1,750
Larnaca €1,975 €1,358
Paphos €1,891 €1,948
Ayia Napa €1,500 €1,230

You can find the prices of flats for sale in Cyprus in other localities in the catalogue on our website.

Investment apartments in Cyprus

Many foreigners consider the island an ideal European country to move to permanent residence and do business as investing in flats in Cyprus or the local economy has significant advantages. For example, citizens of other countries who buy a residential property worth a minimum of €300,000 are eligible for permanent residency on a fast-track basis. A permanent residence permit is issued within three months. Moreover, residency can also be granted to the investor’s family members.

After five years, the investor will be able to obtain Cypriot citizenship and travel visa-free to 170 countries, including the UK and the EU.

If you buy a flat in Cyprus to rent it out, you can expect passive income from 6.76 to 9.11% per annum. Find the right property in the right location, and the return on investment will be even higher.

Buying apartments in Cyprus

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