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Villas for sale in Cyprus

Villas and houses in Cyprus are very diverse and please the eye with traditional Greek or Mediterranean architecture. Our website features property in Cyprus from reliable, trusted developers. Residential properties can be compact one-storey buildings or occupy several levels and have spacious outdoor areas with swimming pools and luxurious landscaped gardens. Feel free to browse the available options and choose the property that perfectly matches your preferences and budget.

Cyprus, a country in the Mediterranean Sea, beckons with its beautiful nature, historical sights, cultural heritage, and great climate. The island is becoming increasingly popular among foreign nationals wanting to invest in local real estate.

Houses prices in Cyprus depend on a number of factors, the main ones being:

  • Location
  • Property size and condition
  • Additional advantages and features

The cost of a house in Cyprus starts at €200,000 and reaches several million euros. A low-end house in a remote area can be priced between €200,000 and €300,000. The cost of a mid-range property in popular locations, closer to beaches and other important social and tourist facilities is between €400,000 and €800,000. A high-end villa in Cyprus with a large plot of land, a private pool, and other comforts is typically valued at €1 million or more.

Each region has an atmosphere that distinguishes it from other locations in the island. Limassol is the largest port city in Cyprus and one of the most popular places for buying houses. A villa in Limassol can be purchased starting at €300,000 and up to several million and even tens of millions of euros. Another attractive resort for living and investment is Paphos. The cost of houses here starts at €200,000.

Larnaca is a picturesque city on the east coast. Houses cost from €150,000 up to several million euros. You can buy a villa in Cyprus in Larnaca from €300,000 and more. Ayia Napa is a hot spot of vibrant nightlife and parties on the south coast. Tourists and expats love this city for its beautiful beaches, clubs, and restaurants. Prices for houses in Ayia Napa depend on the location, area, and condition of the property. Villas in Cyprus for investment and living in this city can be purchased from €150,000, while upscale villas start at €500,000.

Protaras is an amazingly beautiful place. The small town is located on the east coast of the island. There are cosy apartments in Cyprus and opulent villas, which have very competitive prices compared to other popular resorts in the island. For example, a three-bedroom house starts at €300,000.

Investment house in Cyprus

Villas are attractive instruments for investors, as they are popular among tourists and those who permanently reside in the island. Here are the biggest advantages of acquiring local real estate:

  • The quality of life. The island is known for its wonderful climate, good environment, beautiful nature, and clean beaches. Rental demand is always high here.
  • No tax on rental income. The country offers generous tax incentives to overseas investors, and a tax on income from rental property has not been levied since 2015.
  • Stable real estate market. Here, it is not subject to significant fluctuations as in some other countries. This makes investing in residential properties relatively safe and secure.

Houses for sale in Cyprus can be a source of passive income, for example, through renting them out or reselling them in the future.

Villas prices in Cyprus

The cost of villas in Cyprus depends on the city and area. The average sale price of a house is €100,000.

The cost also depends on the age of the property. There are both new residential developments and the secondary market, where prices are typically lower. The most popular locations for buying villas in Cyprus are Limassol, Paphos, and Larnaca. Real estate in these cities is usually more expensive than in other parts of the island. However, even here you can find good offers, especially if you consider areas far from the centre.

When making a purchase, you should take into account additional expenses, such as property taxes, maintenance and service of public areas, and the cost of electricity and utilities.

Buying house in Cyprus

Whether you are planning to buy a house in Cyprus as an investment for passive income or as a personal residence, a property in the island is sure to be a good buy for you. Our aggregator website contains offers from leading developers and reliable agencies, which you can easily navigate. You do not need to search for suitable options on dozens of different websites. It features convenient search filters, a currency converter, and direct contact details for a salesperson. Prices are updated automatically. Take a step towards your dream today—start searching for your perfect property!