How to stay in Cyprus for more than 90 days?

How to stay in Cyprus for more than 90 days?

The island in the Mediterranean Sea attracts many foreign citizens, so the question of how long you can stay in Cyprus remains popular. The territory of the island is divided into northern and southern parts, and the visa regime for each of them has its own characteristics. Let's have a look at how to fly to Cyprus for more than a month, whether it is possible to stay in the country for more than 90 days, and what is required for this.


Visa regime between Cyprus and UK

According to agreements reached between the two countries, UK nationals can enter the island through state entry points. Passport and visa control takes place at the ports of Larnaca and Limassol, as well as at international airports in Larnaca and Paphos. Entry is also allowed through yacht anchorages on the sea coast in the southern part.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office draws attention to the fact that the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus allow entry into the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) through the crossing points on the border of the southern part. It is impossible to get to the TRNC by air, since this territory is not recognized under international law.

How many days can you stay in Cyprus without a visa?

If your stay does not exceed 90 days and its purpose is tourism, you can visit the country without applying for a visa. Otherwise, you need to obtain a visa through VFS Global Across. EU citizens, holders of a multiple-entry Schengen visa and visas of Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania can visit the country without additional documentation.

Specifics of tourist visas

You can also use a multiple entry visa in case you have proof of frequent visits (for instance, owning a property in Cyprus). Its duration can be up to 5 years, and it does not limit the number of arrivals to the island. But even such a visa does not allow extending 90 days of stay in Cyprus every 180 days.

Extension of stay in Cyprus for more than 90 days

For those planning a holiday in Cyprus for more than 90 days, a residence permit will become the legal basis for residence in the country. The residence permit, also known as Pink Slip, is valid for a year and can be renewed, but does not provide the right to work. This format is popular among wealthy retirees who prefer to spend not only the summer on the coast.

The person applying for a residence permit can also obtain it for their family members – husband or wife, or minor children. Obtaining a permit does not imply automatic issuance of a permit for other family members as each family member is required to submit an application. The program is valid for citizens of countries outside the European Union.

The applicant must meet a number of criteria:

  • be able to confirm income received abroad that is sufficient to live in the country;
  • have an account in Cyprus to which funds are regularly received;
  • confirm your place of residence, which can be not only a title deed, but also a lease agreement for an apartment or villa in Cyprus;
  • provide a certificate of no criminal record;
  • undergo a medical examination to ensure the absence of potentially contagious diseases.

It is mandatory to have health insurance that meets local requirements. All documents must be submitted within the validity period of the visa. The disadvantage of this permit is that the person receiving a residence permit under this program cannot be absent from the country for more than three months. Otherwise, the residence permit will be revoked.

Opportunities to stay in Cyprus for property owners

Owners of a house or apartment in Cyprus have a significant advantage over those who need to look for visa extension options to stay in the country. It is enough for them to obtain a residence permit under a special investment program. It allows you not to think about how long you can stay in the country or how to cross the 90-day mark.

To obtain a residence permit, you must purchase any new housing worth more than €300,000. You can also invest a similar amount in shares of local companies, but owning private property is considered more attractive and reliable.

A residence permit can be obtained not only for adult children, but also for those who have reached the age of 25 years provided that they are studying and are not married.

The main advantages of this programme include:

  • relatively low entry threshold;
  • exemption from the need to undergo a medical examination or take a language proficiency exam;
  • almost complete absence of restrictions on presence in the country.

To maintain your status, it is enough to visit your place of residence once every two years. In addition, owning real estate allows you not to think about where and how long to live in the country. Highly liquid and profitable housing can always be resold or considered as a place for relocation.

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